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Hot Box Ukuleles

Cigar box ukuleles have been around for a while. Creative builders usually make a

rudimentary neck, cut holes in a box and make noise with 3 strings, re-imagined

components and a magnetic pickup. Seems like a blast, I've built those but I had another idea.


Quality wooden cigar boxes are very cool. Often made out of mahogany they make

surprisingly good acoustic chambers. If you think about it, acoustic guitars usually

have backs and sides that are more rigid than the softer top.


So what if I removed the thin plywood bottom (installed on most cigar boxes) and

replaced it with a solid tone wood top, properly braced and tuned like a premium

ukulele? Then add a proper mahogany neck with quality tuners and a glued on bridge. That's a

Hot Box Ukulele!


All the cool mojo of the original boxes with great acoustic properties and beautiful

wood adornments. Look through the sound hole to see the cool stuff on the inside

of the boxes, each one is unique. All built by a professional luthier, set up with

quality strings to play easily and sound great. Available with a pickup as well so

you can plug in to an amp or PA! Prices start at $210.

Piezio Pick Up Options
Tonewood Options for the Top
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